"Vegan restaurants are few and far between in Madrid, but Rayén Vegano is a shining star." Writes Lori Zaino, and we are extremely grateful to be included in The Culture trip healthy list! Please have a look at the full article and find some inspiration --> Here! 

April 10, 2017

Estamos muy agradecidos por esta linda reseña que nos regala la talentosa Eme's mind, en inglés y español. Esperamos que te guste tanto como a nosotros!

"The food that comes out of Rayén Vegano’s kitchen is creative, flavorful and balanced. I love that they are adventurous and are constantly experimenting with new flavors and mixes; and that you can taste the freshness and the great quality of the ingredients, plus the tremendous love and care they put in th...

 We're so flattered that "Vilda" magazine chose to include us between their recommendations. Thanks so much Elisa and "Vilda" staff, we're honored to be part of this  global vegan community. Click here to read this beautiful review.

"Their creations are the best proof that a vegan diet is full of colours and flavours, and goes beyond the typical perceptions of salad and tofu"

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